Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Hi Readers! Normally, I'd do a little vlog about now and Go On! However, there is no time because I'm going to the Houston Book Rave:

What does this gif have to do with Texas or the Book Rave? Ah... nothing. I just dig her and probably that's about my excitement level! LOL- though I don't know if I'd look *quite* as good as her jumping around... ;)

Happy Halloween Guys!
Felicidad de muertos de dia, tambien!

That's right! I'll be wearing a special something for you Day of the Dead fanatics while down in Houston! Diggin' it!

I'm about halfway through reading THE SAVAGE VENGEANCE in preparation for writing:
Coming January 20, 2014!
(That's right, I finally have a date. I've committed to the editing schedule so no turning back!)
While reading through today I found that part of VENGEANCE where I intermingle my Death Series installment, DEATH WEEPS with THE SAVAGE VENGEANCE and thought I'd offer this teaser for those who are unfamiliar with these works.

Check it out!

The zombie of the fragment looked at his former leader, the hilt of a dirk glowing softly out of the deepest cavity of his body and thoughts like jagged pieces of glass coalesced in a brain that was not formed for high reasoning. But there was a basest sludge that recognized two things: he had never liked his former leader.

Tucker, the name rose to the surface of the slow-moving pond of his mind.

And there was one that he had a connection to that was so powerful his being felt bound by steel ropes to his mind, his will.

His face turned to the Master, eyes rolling wetly in his skull, plums of black encased in flesh gone soft with rot....


Will I mingle series again?
Not these!
But maybe, THE REFLECTIVE will travel to these parallel worlds because, after all- that's what they do! 

Want to get some free stuff? Enter the BIG BLOOD BASH GIVEAWAY HeRe

Chat soon... ta-ta for now!

xo Tamara

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

SEVEN YEARS... Dannika Dark Does it Again!

Hi guys, I usually don't have time to promo other fantastic writers like I ought to, want to or can, but I've made the time for this one! Mageri is Magnificent and book #5 will be out to titillate all of us that dig that brand of dark urban fantasy that Dark brings to the table.

But what about her lighter side?

You ever have an author where what they write seems to magically connect with exactly what you want to read? Well-- Dark fills the bill for me.

SEVEN YEARS is no different and I gave it a solid 4 out of 5 stars. What? I'm not a raving lunatic and think I've fallen in love all over again. No. SEVEN is awesomesauce and I loved that it's not really like Mageri. It is not as dark. Now, I know it's going to really work for a lot of peeps that want to see Dark's lighter side. For me, a five star read almost always has to be super-dark to work. 
SEVEN still works guys. 
Less Dark.
More romantic.
Hottest book cover this side of the moon.
Different themes than Mageri but still with that enigmatic "Dark" writing style. (We don't know what it is, but we like it!)
I'm going to buy whatever book comes next.
Even if it's a math text.
'Cuz Dark writes it.
Got it?

Try it!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Big Blood Bash Giveaway!

Win all the blood you can stand here:

More than a flesh wound readers! Love it!





And in case you don't have enough books?

Does that rock the collective face off everyone?
Pam thinks so (OMGawd she's so sexy... look at how pleased she is over Eric's demoralizing color job?) Nuts over it peeps- nuts!


But look at this little fanged Mona Lisa? Oh they're so utterly cool I can hardly stand myself...


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Thank you Lovlies!

Friday, October 18, 2013

BLOOD CHOSEN "Live" Two Days Early!

Yippee Readers! CHOSEN just went "live" on Amazon:
Download HERE


I'll update links as CHOSEN goes live at other retailers! 

Thank you for your support!

Blood Singers

Blood Song

Watch for the BLOOD CHOSEN paperback coming soon plus the Blood #4 cover/title reveal!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Big Blood Bash Giveaway October 20! BLOOD CHOSEN to Publish....

Hi All!

For those of you that follow my Facebook page you know that BLOOD CHOSEN is completely Edited as of yesterday!

So? lol!
Right... that means that I need to give CHOSEN a final read through, and on Friday I will hit the "publish" button!
What happens then?
Amazon and NOOK turn their wheels and CHOSEN should be "live" as early as Friday night the 18th or, as late as Sunday the 20th.

Right in time for my release celebration giveaway!

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Thursday, October 10, 2013

TRB Rambling for October! Vlog Here!

Hi readers! This is a very short vlog (for me) about the latest:

BROLACH (for ME), right on schedule
CHOSEN pubbing soon!
A new title for Druid #9
Want to win my extra early release of TDJ?

Happy Halloween!

xo Tamara

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Tuesday Teaser: BLOOD CHOSEN!

Hi Readers! That excerpt I've been promising? Here it is:

“You're going to summon the Reader, father?” Jen asked, breath held.

He gave a single nod.

“What, or who, is that?” Julia asked because everyone seemed grim about it.

“A future teller,” Brendan said and William scoffed, “And what good will that do but alert us to what we do not wish to know?”

Marcus gave a nod of acknowledgment to William. “You are right. A Reader is only born to Singers once in a millennium, a compliment to our Rare One, if you will. They are sequestered for what they are. But now, we must know why there is a drawing of three. A number of power,” Marcus said.

“No one wishes to know the hour of their death,” Victor stated logically and Julia couldn't fault it. 

Mortality shouldn't be an equation to be solved.

“Or what remains of their life,” @@@@@@ added and they looked at each other in perfect understanding.

“Then we're asking the Reader because we want to breach that?” Julia asked. “Didn't you just say that we should never make contact with the Reader?”

Marcus nodded. “We have a Deflector who resides within one mile of the Reader and in that way... some of her needs are met.”

“Her?” Julia asked and fought tears thinking about a stranded Singer, in an island not of her choosing, with only one Deflector to ease her loneliness.

Suddenly, murmurs rose and fell in a wave of distressed noise.

Julia turned and got what was the equivalent to a slap in the face....


Yeah... readers! *sweet* I have developed two more stories to follow CHOSEN and already have a book cover lined up with the new title. Book #4 will be closure to the Biggie from CHOSEN and the Opener for two story lines that need telling in the subsequent installments. How many Blood books will there be? I don't know for certain, but two more for sure. There may be a fill-in-between-the-numbers novella as well. Let's see.... what happened before Julia was born? Who Were her parents? Really? Loving that angle!

When will we talk new Blood/cover/synopsis? It will be revealed by Halloween!