Sunday, September 22, 2013

BLOOD CHOSEN Rough Draft Complete!

Hi guys, all four Betas and my Fave Blogger have the  CHOSEN ARC in their hands as we speak! It's off...

What does this mean?

Pretty excited guys!

Because this was the most difficult book to write... EVAAAHHH! How many titles is that now? Well... between Marata Eros and TRB: TWENTY-NINE

Full lengths (60k + words): 15
Novellas ( 16k + words): 13
Anthology  (35k words): 1

For a total of approximately: 1,430,000 words give or take 10k... lol.

So, I'm speaking with some authority when I say CHOSEN was a ball-buster. What? you ask... yeah, I know, I don't have those but I like the expression ;)

Okay, so that's all Well and Good... when do we get to read CHOSEN?

Soon guys!

Don't get upset. It's in the capable hands of my editor. And my extra capable hands of my Betas. Because they're readers like you guys. So they give me the skinny on my work so it's better for you~

Stay tuned for a Fat Teaser in the next week or two. It'll tide you over until CHOSEN releases. I'm guessing the first week of October!

What's Next?

I'm thinking THE REFLECTIVE. But I do like to work on two titles at one time so I'll shove THE SAVAGE PROTECTOR into the mix when I get deeper into TR. And for kicks? I think I'll work on a dark erotic paranormal titled BROLACH as well.

*I will have a contest beginning for all three Blood paperbacks plus a COOL PRIZE to begin at the release of CHOSEN!

Never a dull moment here, guys :D 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tamara Rose Ramble's for September & Your First Peek at BLOOD CHOSEN!

Read the first chapter of BLOOD CHOSEN here! Pre-release Readers! Woot!

Want to hear stuff I say?
Want to see that FREE Kindle FIRE in the FLESH?

Check out September's Vlog Here!

Yeah, that's me- incognito guys, riggghhhtt! lol

Monday, September 9, 2013

Win a FREE FIRE here!

Hi Readers! I'm giving away More FREE stuff in celebration of A TERRIBLE LOVE's paperback release on September 24, 2013!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

What do ya get?
One of these... gimme, gimme, right?! lol


Signed by Yours Truly and really... I just got two of these in the post and they're GORGEOUS, guys! *salivates*


A galley copy of A BRUTAL TENDERNESSWhat's a galley? It's a really nice pre-paperback version of the book. I'm mailing out the loot so why not throw that in as well? Yeah, I thought you'd dig it!


Author Swag!
What's in my Author Swag Bundle? Cool stuff, peeps... 'cuz that's the way I roll!

Marata xo

TRB Readers!

I will begin my Big Blood Bash Giveaway when CHOSEN pubs at the end of September. Time TBA-- thank you for your support!