Friday, May 31, 2013


Hi Readers! I have a Select bundle with the first three books of the Death series for a reduced cost at only a buck on Amazon. However, that doesn't allow NOOK readers to get the bundle. For a special promotion, I've priced my first three Death books at FREE for a limited time so NOOK readers can download this special bargain! The FREE versions of DEATH WHISPERS, SPEAKS & INCEPTION should be available at Barnes & Noble this weekend. In the meantime, get these titles at Amazon for FREE download:

Please check back here for updated NOOK links....

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser!

Hi Readers... it's time for an excerpt from BLOOD CHOSEN, as promised.
You Blood fans are going to totally dig what I have in store for you. What? you ask... well, if you thought SINGERS & SONG were convoluted and complicated, you're in for a special treat here! As everyone knows, Blood is not for peeps that like a simple, generic, first person POV that trips along predictably and does the HEA after the allotted time. It's for readers that like to get thrown around by plot twists and abused by a storyline that takes no prisoners! CHOSEN has been exciting from the get go:

Click HERE to see just how emotional things have become since the end of SONG....

Monday, May 6, 2013

Pieces of Reflection! The Prologue for THE REFLECTIVE HeRe!

Hey Readers! I've just gone crazy and in the middle of two book projects, shelved everything for a day and a half and got some work done on my new adult dark fantasy series: Reflection~
What? You ask-- aren't you working on BLOOD CHOSEN and the... untitled dark romantic suspense under your pen name?

Oh yes, I am! But sometimes... those "voices" yell and they were literally screaming for this prologue and a few chapters that follow. So now I can think again. In the meantime, I thought everyone might like a taste of Reflection.

Click here for the prologue in THE REFLECTIVE *tantalizing teaser*

expected publication October 2013