Thursday, September 27, 2012

BLOOD CHOSEN Cover & Blurb Reveal! SINGERS is FREE on Friday!

In celebration of BLOOD SONG's release, I'd like to share the art and synopsis for book #3:

Cover art by the fantastic Claudia McKinney of



Julia has Awakened and in so doing bound herself to her one true soulmate, the king to her queen. The blood-binding which was foretold between fang and claw ultimately rescued her from certain death, the Circle of Protection is now complete.

Yet, another would-be queen vies for the position of ultimate ruler and believes she has found an ancient loophole that will upset the new balance of potential peace that has been put into play by Julia's prophesied reign. Jacqueline will stop at nothing to achieve her goals, even using the dreaded Were to further her victory.

Cynthia and Adrianna form an unlikely alliance to survive against an enemy that now has help for his madness to take shape. Emmanuel, the Feral and Truman find themselves drawn to defend and protect a new order with a past that haunts their efforts, while a broken Were rises to a position of power through sacrifice and the one woman that holds his heart.

Can Julia and her one true mate bring peace to the species and rescue the ones they love? Will the Blood Singers fulfill their destiny to unite three groups of sworn enemies to come together as one?

Coming May 31, 2013!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

SONG is Singing Early!

Why wait? I'm not a real believer in making my readers wait. BLOOD SONG was due to publish this Friday but it was ready today so I went ahead and ....
.... hit the Magic Button!

Get SONG right Now on Smashwords
Watch for the updated links here:


Don't forget the reveal for book #3 will be this Friday, September 28: BLOOD CHOSEN!

Friday, September 21, 2012

FREE as a Bird! Pick up SINGERS & INCEPTION!

In Celebration of BLOOD SONG's Release next Friday I'm putting book #1
FREE tomorrow only!

Want some Death? Try DEATH INCEPTION for FREE tomorrow Only!
 (normally .99 cents)
DEATH WHISPERS is already FREE. Suck up Books #2 & 3 (SPEAKS & SCREAMS) for just .99 cents! (Normally priced $2.99 & $3.99!) A $5 savings!
On sale .99 cents (normally $2.99)
On sale .99 cents (normally $3.99)

Monday, September 17, 2012

The 200th Contest Continues!

The coincidental consistency of the "200th" is almost creepy (in a GREAT way!) but here I am with almost 200 fans on Goodreads, over 200 "likes" on my Author Page and 178 GFC followers!
Greedy! Greedy! In an effort to give away yet another copy of my soon-to-be-released book two: BLOOD SONG, my 200th fan on Goodreads will receive an eCopy of SONG upon its release!


Then what? Comment here that you're #200 and I'll verify! It's easy-peasy guys :D

I'd like to thank my loyal readers for liking, friending and fanning me wherever they have. In this small way, I'd like to give back. Thanks for your support!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Vote for Your Fave Indie! Only Ten Days Left!

Hey Readers... yeah, that's me and my *hot* photographer. Together we did some fun photos and I'm Wonderful Wonder Woman!

Why? Because a terrific book blogger, Evie @ Bookish, is having an Amazing Indie Contest featuring the top 25 Independent Authors. Some of us are dressing up like superheroes!

Please vote for your top Indie pick (yup, I'm on the list and this is my naughty, shameless plug).

VOTE HERE and click on the following:

 Who is your favourite INDIE author? (View 51 suggestions)

Don't vote for just one! Spread the love~ Voting ends on September 20.

Check out Evie's spotlight at the end of the month for prizes, giveaways and photos of Amazing Indies in costume (I'm not the only glutton for punishment here, guys!), as we frolic about and hand out FREE books! Yay!

Keep up on Evie's supreme book shenanigans HERE

Monday, September 3, 2012

SONG has Sung! I Have an eCopy Winner!

Congratulations to CHRIS DEMBY COOK for being my 200th "like!"
Now... to sweeten the pot, I'm going to keep the *200th GFC follower contest going... for a signed paperback of BLOOD SONG!

*Contest ends December 12, 2012. Don't worry, I love giving my books away. There will be more contests this month for SONG!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Singing a Tune! Win a Copy of BLOOD SONG Here!

Like it Bloody? Want to win a copy of book two of the Blood Series? Here's how!

Book Two for 200!

This is an easy contest. I want to give away two free eCopies of SONG to celebrate its release on Sep. 28.

Currently I have 189 "likes" and 166 followers.

*Reader number 200 to "like" me will receive an eCopy of SONG.
My 200th GFC blog follower will receive an eCopy of SONG.

One will come before the other and I will announce the progress as it happens.

Stay tuned for another crazy contest when the mood strikes my fancy! 
Thanks for your support!

*upon release

Update: Stay tuned for my monthly vlog this week!