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Death! Blood! Savage! All First Books .99 Cents

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A special message to my NOOK readers:
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Thank you for your patience and support!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Paperback Built! Editor in Receipt, all is Well with WEEPS!

My Beta is getting this~

Stay tuned for another funky contest to win a Signed Copy of DEATH WEEPS soon!


While you're here... check out the new PEARL paperback!

A *tremendous* thank you to my new cover artist, Claudia McKinney, for her rendering of Clara! -what's not to love? 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Book Review: Angelfall by Susan Ee

I know, I know... so why review a book that is selling so well and has a boatload of five star reviews already? Because, it's THAT good! Did you go nuts over Hunger Games? Sick and tired of all the sappy angel stories out there? Then you've got a great fit in Angelfall, because it's none of that. It's a take-no-prisoners read that will leave you really wanting the next installment. 

The story is essentially about an angel apocalypse. The angels decimate earth and we are now under their strange rule. In this world our MC, Penryn, is busy looking after a wheelchair-bound seven year old sister and a Mom that is constantly bordering on unpredictable psychosis. The family slowly starves in an environment where water and electricity are sporadic at best and gangs have taken over suburbia. This is a dark, urban fantasy that has tension strung taut in a way that makes the reader stayed glued to the pages, wishing for Penryn's safety and dying over the sister's kidnapping. Did I say dying? Ugh! Ee paints such a startling and clear portrait of gritty survival, the reader can't help but be drawn in.

What I liked: the pacing and the flow. This story moves! And it does so in such a way that the reader is getting "fed" little tidbits of intrigue in a fairly consistent way throughout the entire tale. I love the MC. Penryn has never been soft, but she longs to be. Her inner girlie has never had a chance to manifest and she is left being the provider for her family after her father deserts them. I love a MC under pressure and Ee knows just how to cook it! I never feel pity for Penryn, but I root for her. That is the mark of a clever storyteller. Where you wish to assist the MC but you don't languish in their pain and angst. Awesome! I like the dark angel that she befriends and the mystery of their relationship as it evolves.

What I didn't care for as much: I thought it was a little short for a full-length and didn't feel like her relationship with Raffe was clear at the end. Maybe it wasn't supposed to be? I will definitely be picking up book two. This is the first angel book that has really made me want the subsequent installment. Romance and angel lovers might also enjoy The Saving Angel Series by Tiffany King. That series is "softer," with more romance and alpha male vibe. With the current trend in Angel Lit there is no shortage!

4.5  of 5 stars!

Genre: Post-apocalyptic
Sub-genre: Angels, dystopian, survivalist
Elements: some profanity, violence
Age: 14+

Book Review: Wishing For Someday Soon by Tiffany King

I have read the Saving Angel Series by King and really enjoyed the paranormal, soulmate theme in those books and thought I'd give this new, YA crossover work a try. It was so vital, so real, so engaging I thought about it every moment I couldn't get back to reading it! You know a book's good when you become sad that it's coming to an end, when you lose sleep over reading it, when you want to reach inside the narrative and defend and protect the MC from the vicious onslaught of her life. That's what Wishing For Someday Soon is. It's a powerful tale about a brave human being that sacrifices her very welfare for someone dear to her heart. When true joy presents itself she can't be sure that she can embrace it. The prospect of love and trust is so foreign to Katelyn that at first, she doesn't recognize it for what it is. This is such a powerful book. I am seldom moved to tears but found myself stopping the reading of it twice, to regain my composure so I could read further. It's a stunner, leaving the reader dazed throughout and yearning for more at its eventual end.

What I liked: I loved the way King presented the book so cleanly but still with realism. It wasn't this anemic performance of stilted and one-dimensional characters, oh-no. It was a deep narrative given by a 17-year old senior, having seen the inside of twenty different schools in so many years, connecting with humanity as little as possible. King showcases a paralyzing loneliness inside the confines of a narrow hope that Katelyn holds onto with surgical finesse. I was blown away. King was absolutely masterful in painting a picture of stifling and insidious abuse. But she didn't allow the reader to wallow in it. There was enough joy and potential for happiness interspersed during the novel that the reader isn't mired in sorrow. Those flashes of happiness, blooming romance and the protective males that King is getting known for, all comes into play in this terrific narrative.

What I wasn't that fond of: this isn't a series! I have high hopes for more books done in this style from King. And although I really liked her angel series, I am a Forever Fan now that I've read WFSS. It reminds me of Sophie and Chelsea and Flat-out Love. If you've read the preceding novels, this story is sure to be a good fit. Although the plot is utterly different, it evokes the same feelings as those.

Rich, riveting and unforgettable,  WFSS is a read for lovers of real-life teens in tough situations that triumph over the challenges of their life.

5.5  of 5 stars!

Genre: Drama
Sub-genre: Family dysfunction, contemporary young adult mature/crossover, romance
Elements: some profanity/sexuality, disturbing physical & verbal abuse against minors
Age: 16+

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Cover Reveal for The "New" Pearl Savage!

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank artist, Claudia McKinney, of for her amazing new cover for PEARL~!

The Pearl Savage


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Get some BLOOD! Book #2 of the Savage Series FREE~

Tomorrow, Friday the 20th~!

And to sweeten the deal? Pick up book #1, THE PEARL SAVAGE on sale for .99 cents
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DEATH WEEPS No More~! Book #4 Rough Draft Complete

Hi Readers! I *just* finished the last sentence today. My rough draft goes to my Fantastic Editor, Stephanie, on the 24th. Stay tuned for excerpts from DEATH INCEPTION, BLOOD SONG & THE SAVAGE PROTECTOR in the near future.

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Caleb's Getting Tough on a Few Bad Guys~ *real time* Readers!

Our hero has been put in a tight spot and reacts like we expect. This is what I wrote on Saturday:


   “Losin' your nerve?” I strode closer to him, grabbing and bunching his shirt in my fist. “Remember, you were gonna tap my girl? You were gonna bid on her?” I said in a voice that trembled with tangible rage. He was lucky I didn't have the zombies do a hack-fest on him. It was soundin' pretty good about now...

*DEATH WEEPS is Wrapping Up this Week!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

DEATH WEEPS Paperback Building & Awesome Synopsis~!

Caleb faces possible jail time for using Clyde as a undeadly weapon. When he's exonerated with probation lasting a year, Caleb has to watch his every action. Tensions run high when after the death of Jade's only relatives, she must live with an undesirable foster family who are anything but what they seem...

Life gets complicated for everyone when the scientists responsible for the paranormal manifestation threaten a parellel world to Caleb's own. In a bid to stop the destruction of their world, while saving his own, Caleb must defend two peoples against the long arm of the Graysheets.

Time begins to run against him when he discovers through an unlikely source that  his friends have been given a drug that causes progressive insanity. Can he find the anecdote in time to save them? To save Jade?

Friday, April 13, 2012

Book Four in the Savage Series Coming 2012~!

Queen Clara has chosen her future king and as the Wedded Joining draws near, the Kingdom of Kentucky's sphere continues to degrade. Relations are non-existent and the derelict people housed within the confines of the kingdom will soon be loosed to join the fragment.

Calia and Evie join forces to escape the plan that Edwin has for her future. Frantic to locate the women, Maddoc, Jonathan, Philip and Daniel join forces to cinch the net of safety around the pair before it's too late.

Calia doesn't long for a future where a male is the answer. But when biology and destiny collide, she will find the choice she wants the least, may be the correct one.

Will Calia be allowed to protect those she has vowed to defend while remaining true to herself? Can she overcome her past and be healed by the love of her one, true soulmate?

Sunday, April 8, 2012

*Real Time* Readers! I just wrote this today... read it and WEEP ;)

Can Caleb save his friends sanity? Will he get what he needs in time?

   The zombie released Tracker, hissing as he did.

   Friendly bunch.

   Parker looked at Jonesy. “Tracker is a trained agent. He is a sixth belt in Karate, he understands and can execute hand to hand combat. Some teenage boys aren't going to deter him from his goal. Which is?” Parker promoted, cocking a brow.

   “Acquisition of Jade LeClerc, protection of Sophia Morris,” Tracker stated by rote.

   I watched tears roll down Sophie's cheeks in strangled tendrils of water.

   Logan and Jonesy glared at each other as her tears fell to the soft dirt at everyone's feet. Dampening the ground with her sadness.

   “You boys understand what's at stake here?” Parker asked.

   Gramps answered for us all, “Yeah, I think we've got the low-down. Now stop jawing and get that girl. I, for one, want to shut these jag-ups down.”

   “Forever,” I said....

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*special promotion* Pick up DEATH SPEAKS & THE SAVAGE BLOOD for FREE on Saturday!

Here's your chance to read books #2 in both Death & Savage~

Book Two

Book Three

*perfect pestilence* JENNY POX Review HERE!

Eighteen-year-old Jenny Morton has a horrific secret: her touch spreads a deadly supernatural plague, the "Jenny pox." She lives by a single rule: Never touch anyone. A lifetime of avoiding any physical contact with others has made her isolated and painfully lonely in her small rural town. 

Then she meets the one boy she can touch. Jenny feels herself falling for Seth...but if she's going to be with him, Jenny must learn to use the deadly pox inside her to confront his ruthless and manipulative girlfriend Ashleigh, who secretly wields the most dangerous power of all. 


I was expecting less-than-nothing from this book and got a book that distracted me from doing my chores! This is definitely a mature young adult read and I recommend it to the 16+ crowd. Parents that are concerned with realistic but mature themes should read this book first or disallow younger teens from reading it. That said, it is not a gratuitous read and was well done and insightful from the perspective of the teenage mind. 

The story centers around Jenny and grabs a reader from page one. We feel nothing but empathy for Jenny Morton, aka Jenny Mittens as she is relegated to a touch-less life, without friends and isolated because of her extraordinary paranormal gift of spreading death through touch. And not just any death *rubbing my hands together in undisguised glee* but pestilence-type demise. It was a brilliant precept and one I never tired of during the entire read. Creepy, disarming, disconcerting and engaging, we root for Jenny because she gets by with so little and protects so many. Life gets complicated when Jenny develops a crush on the coolest boy in the school. Of course, he is dating the coolest girl (who turns out to be anything but). As the story unravels, and many pop up during the story as other than what we thought they were, we learn that Jenny is not the only one who has a special ability; there are more and they don't always play well with others!

What I loved: wow! Bryan knows how to command a page. Every page felt like it was conveying information in an infused capsule of intrigue and creeping terror and foreshadowing that completely blasted my schedule. I wanted to blow off everything else and just read this book! He is a captivating writer: he possesses that rare narrative voice that I love coupled with snazzy dialogue with naughty underplay and the nastiness of humanity that is absolutely truthful, edgy and honest. Bravo! The concept. I read a lot and haven't read anything quite like this and I was pleased by the unique premise. I liked the flawed heroine that is actually less attractive than her nemesis. It was put together wonderfully. The ending just rocked! It was an unexpected turn of events that was at once disquieting and satisfying. I know, a paradox, right? Well, in many ways, this tale reads as one, with the ending firmly cementing the desire to enter this riveting world fashioned by Bryan.

What I wasn't as keen on: the parallels. I'm a huge King fan and thought some undertones of the book echoed those of, CARRIE. I tried to talk myself out of this but couldn't quite get past it all the time. A girl with an extraordinary power comes full circle in a way that is eerily reminiscent of that almost-forty-year old work. But... I believe this book is better, less extreme (sorry, Stephen!). The soft edges that Bryan threw in there definitely balanced the rawness of the story and that made it better for me.

A terrific book for mature YA, horror, intrigue and paranormal lovers. I did download a free copy via Amazon but would have paid, It's that great!

5 of 5 stars

Genre: Horror
Sub-genre: paranormal/occult/romance/YA MATURE
Elements: profanity, drug use, sexuality

Noteworthy: love the cover art. I'm a big fan of Phatpuppy~

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*DRUMROLL*! My One Year Anniversary Winner has been Chosen...

And the winner is... Logan Rutherford (chosen by! Congratulations! Logan has won all three eCopies of the Savage Series:







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