Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Feeling Savage? Celebrate My One Year Indie Anniversary! Contest HERE!

Hi Readers~! This one's for you. In celebration of one year as an Indie author on the 31st of March, I'd like to offer the entire Savage Series in eFormat in addition to a signed paperback of my newest offering, The Savage Vengeance, to be released on the day of my one year anniversary!

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The Savage Vengeance, paperback
A signed paperback copy of book #3 of the Savage Series~!


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Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Hi Readers: I'm hacking off a full day on the release of TSV so it coincides with my One Year Indie Anniversary~! Catch my celebratory contest beginning March 1...

The degradation of Queen Clara's sphere continues without apparent end. She must ask for assistance from the neighboring Kingdom of Kentucky to combat the demise of their way of life. However, the alliance isn't as strong without the promise of marriage, which in the past stood to unite the spheres.

Tensions run high, the ruination of additional spheres an imminent threat, causing strife and conflict. When Clara is seen as a pawn in a greater scheme and change of leadership, the Travelers interfere in an unforeseen way.

When two different groups of Travelers' objectives collide, a cataclysmic event ends in a scenario of unprecedented upheaval and resolution. Can Clara and the Band save the sphere and in so doing the people of the future? Will Clara find the peace and love she deserves?

Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Ginormous Thank You to my Readers for flapping about Death!

Readers have made this possible: THANK YOU!

Stay tuned for my One Year Indie anniversary contest beginning March 1~!

The PERFECT PACING of the Savages continues HERE!

Read a NEW passage HERE!
Readers: this is real time, fresh teasers to enjoy! Watch for a new excerpt or two in the next month as VENGEANCE gets ready to UNLEASH!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Calia... Oh My~!

I'm *totally* nuts over this new character in VENGEANCE~!
This is what she feels on page 111:

"Pride propelled her forward even as her heart held her still..."

Here's the deeper question Readers:
What is trapping her love?
Her heart?

The Savage Vengeance
Coming soon!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Flag on the Play~ BLOOD SINGERS Passed Off to my BETA~!

Things are going to calm down now that Singers is in capable hands! That means lots-o-writing here in the next, three weeks as VENGEANCE wraps and WEEPS heats up!

Stay tuned for updated page count progression each week!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

DEATH INCEPTION~ Where Death Began!

Coming summer 2012!

Kyle Ulysses Hart and his team of scientists mapped the human genome in the year 2010. As Brain Impulse Technology came online... so did the long arm of the United States government. A covert, military-driven regime was born with genetic manipulation the key to future widespread control.

When pharmaceutical laboratories, funded by the Graysheets, discover a way to unlock paranormal potential through compulsive inoculation, their exploitative dream is realized.

A lone teenager named Jeffrey Parker, falls prey when he manifests the rare, Affinity for the Dead.The Graysheets abandon all pretense of stewardship, ripping him from his family for their nefarious purposes.

Can Jeffrey remain who he was destined to be in an environment exclusively built for mass control?


   Readers have spoken! I will begin work on a prequel to the Death Series. Never fear! It will not delay the promised release dates of any of my full-length novels! The plan for INCEPTION will be a novella-length book (that is about 20,000 words or 60-ish pages). My "regular" novels have been between 85-110K. In an effort for my work to remain affordable for my readers I will be offering DEATH INCEPTION for .99 cents.

Thank you, Readers! Your input and interactions are very appreciated. Tamara

Saturday, February 4, 2012

BLOOD SINGERS on the Downward slope~!

Hi Readers! I'm sharing some of my excitement... I wrote this line yesterday:

Love was an errant master, choosing who it would without reason.
Without rationale.

Don't you agree with the above?

Here's the thing, I've passed the 60K word count on Singers and that seems to "flip the writing switch." I'll be in a frenzy of writing; sliding toward 80K in the next 10 days or so. My editor should get this work on Valentine's Day.

Be Mine, right? ;)

Friday, February 3, 2012

VENGEANCE & WEEPS Together at Last~! Weaving the Magic HERE!

Readers: What happens when Vengeance and Death collide?
Deadly Vengeance!

I have combined book #3 (VENGEANCE, Savage Series) with book #4 (WEEPS, Death Series). The Death characters will offer balance, answers and... other things for Clara and the Band.

Never fear! It's *just enough* to have fun and neither faction will consume either installment.

A small passage from VENGEANCE & WEEPS:

   Except Tiff, she walked beside Caleb. The pair listened to the low drone of the dead at their feet, everywhere they stepped held the murmur of their discontent.

   Nobody mentioned the odds of a handful of teenagers against seventy of the fragment.

   Courage is ignoring your fear.

Thank you, Readers~

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

DEATH Fans... Writing Begins Today on DEATH WEEPS~ Cast your vote!

How will Caleb escape persecution?
What will happen between Brett and Jade?
Do we find out who Parker really is?
Is Clyde dead or alive?
Watch for an excerpt soon~!

Dear Readers: 

I'm looking for feedback on a potential DEATH prequel. A fan has contacted me asking for more details of Parker and the inception of the Pulse Era. Please comment here if you're interested in seeing a novella-length Death Prequel (15-20K words, since I can't seem to write "short"), giving background that may be interesting to tide everyone over until WEEPS. Your thoughts are appreciated !

Thank you Readers~ Tamara 

Written Monday, Jan. 30th~

A small passage from VENGEANCE & WEEPS:

   Except Tiff, she walked beside Caleb. The pair listened to the low drone of the dead at their feet, everywhere they stepped held the murmur of their discontent.

   Nobody mentioned the odds of a handful of teenagers against seventy of the fragment.

   Courage is ignoring your fear.