Sunday, December 25, 2011

"The Savage Vengeance," Cover Reveal and Contest Winners Announced!

Congratulations to Kami B. for the winning title selection!
The Savage Vengeance
Book Three of the Savage Series


Here's what says:
1. infliction of injury, harm, humiliation or the like on a person by another who has been harmed by that person; violent revenge.  But have you the right to vengeance?


I think our Guys with the Gills can take care of this fragment problem... what do you think Readers?

I wish to thank every reader who entered.  My second choice was, The Savage Providence, by Calia. I have already emailed Calia to inform her if I use her title choice in a future Savage installment she will receive a signed copy of that book! 

*Honorable mention goes to Calia (pronounced Cal-la like the flower, Calla Lily). Her name pinged around inside my head incessantly so she was gracious enough to allow its use in Vengeance! Thanks so much =D Her character is already coming to life. Sometimes that happens...

Awesome entries!


Congratulations to Shannon for choosing the winning name for Alex's love interest!
Death Screams
Book Three of the Death Series
January 15, 2012

And the name is:
"Randi" for short.
(Can anyone guess whose daughter she is?)

*Honorable mention goes to Logan Rutherford, who had many name choices I liked. However, it was his name that I will be using for a surprise revealing at the end. Watch for it!

It's noteworthy that many entrants names I loved as much as their entries! Just a coincidence... ;)

I adore my readers XOXO Tamara

Saturday, December 24, 2011

MAKING YOU MINE by Elizabeth Reyes~ TEASER if You Please!

Tamara: So here's the thing, I sweet-talked completely amazing author, Elizabeth Reyes, into allowing me to post a teaser from her just-released, The Moreno Brothers Series fifth installment. Any happier, and I swear I would have been triplets!

I have loved each amazing book for the following reasons: romantic tension, alpha-male goodness (oh my!), action, dialogue, plot and heavy handed edginess. All these qualities are doled out in delectably, addictive tales that will leave the romance reader weeping for more. Check out a taste of novel #5 below and tell me I'm wrong:

This excerpt is intended for readers 16+ years old~


Elizabeth Reyes: Here's the set up: Grace, who only started seeing Sal exclusively for just over a week, receives a disturbing text from her mother just as she's helping close down the restaurant and Sal picks up on her unease. Aaaand go...!     

“Something wrong?”
Grace almost jumped. Her face must’ve been as white as it felt because Sal stared at her, concerned. “Uh… no, it’s just my mom.”
“She okay?”
“Oh yeah, she’s fine.” As inconspicuously as she could, she glanced past his shoulder to the front door and her heart sunk. Frank stood out there, leaning against his car, just like the last time, holding a bouquet of roses. Her eyes were immediately on Sal again. There was no other way out of this but to just tell him. “She set up another date with me and my step-dad’s boss.”
Taylor had hit it on the nose about Sal’s flaming eyes, because she saw them flare now. She reached for his arm. “It’s not like I’m even remotely interested in him.”
His eyes opened wide. “So you’re going?”
She turned towards the front door, feeling defeated. “What am I supposed to do? He’s already here.”
Sal’s head jerked toward the front of the restaurant as soon as she said that. “You tell him you don’t want to go. That’s what.” He started walking. “I’ll fucking tell him.”
Grace squeezed his arm. “No, Sal. Please.”
Sal glared at her. “Do you want to go with this guy, Grace?” His loud words turned the heads of the few employees that were still there cleaning up and they glanced out the front to see who Sal was talking about.
“No. Of course not.”
“Then don’t go.”
“I won’t.” Her heart was going a mile a minute now. She never expected his reaction to be so explosive. “But let me tell him.”
Sal pulled the keys out of his pocket. “Lets go.”
He held her hand firmly all the way to the door then unlocked it for her. He started to walk out with her but she pulled her hand out of his. “Wait here, please.”
He stopped, but obviously had no intentions of going back in without her. She tried to give him a reassuring look but he was busy staring Frank down.
Frank smiled as she approached him. “Hello, Grace. You look very nice tonight.”
“Thank you. Listen Frank I’m really sorry but I can’t go with you tonight. I already had other plans my mom didn’t know about. I didn’t get her text until just now.”
There was no hiding his disappointment. “That’s too bad… and there’s no way you can change them?”
“No, she can’t.” Sal slipped his hand in hers. Grace wanted the earth to split open and suck her in. This was the most awkward situation she’d even been in and it was all her mother’s fault. “Not tonight or any other night. Got it?” Sal pointed at the roses. “And you can keep those. Take them to her mother. She’d probably like them.”

Get all FIVE, $2.99 each~!
Can ya feel the heat here, guys? Reyes really socks it to you. All her books read like this; full of energy and tension. Love them! You will too.
Check out Author Elizabeth Reyes Blog for additional information about The Moreno Brothers Series and her updates for future works by clicking the following link: Elizabeth Reyes

Friday, December 23, 2011

A Ginormous THANK YOU to My Readers!

My Readers ROCK! As of today, Dec. 23, 2011:

Death Whispers is in the TOP 100 for Children's Science Fiction!
Death Speaks is in the TOP 100 for Children's Mysteries, Espionage and Detectives
Genre Fiction; Occult!

last but not least: The Savage Blood is in the TOP 100 for Romance; Time Travel,
Historical Fantasy
Historical Science Fiction & Fantasy

I'd like to thank all my readers from the bottom of my heart for reading my work!!! It's the best Christmas gift ever! Thank you!

Thanks for the Love, Evie~!

Check out what Evie from Bookish had to say about myself and two other authors...


I have been dying to read these books by the authors Evie mentioned:


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Win a signed copy of THE SAVAGE BLOOD @ Evie's Bookish~!

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Cover Reveal for books 4 & 5 in the Death Series~

Death Weeps

Book Four of the Death Series
Publishing- Release 2012


Unrequited Death

Book Five of the Death Series
Publishing- Release 2013