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Calling all Death Fans! Calling all Savage Fans! Domestic & International!

Hi Readers~! Want some input on the next book? I am writing Death Screams right now for a late January release and thought you'd like to pick the FEMALE name of Alex's love interest. What? You ask...the tiny nerd? No. Not so tiny now *winks*
HINT: Alex's love interest is of mixed Asian descent with coal black hair and slightly almond-shaped eyes. She's a little smaller than Jade and a spitfire! Exotic and gorgeous yet not ruled by her looks~
The winner will receive a signed copy of Death Screams after its release.
The selection will be based on me liking the name and [it] suiting the character.
Please post a comment with your female name choice and email.


Haven't read Death? No problem! Here is the contest for book 3 in the Savage Series:

I'd love to have the title for book three chosen before Christmas. It's my gift to myself!
Here are the titles of my published books in the Savage Series:
Book One- The Pearl Savage
Book Two- The Savage Blood
Book Three- chosen by clever reader.

The criterion for selection for me is the following:
*It must make sense with what I know will happen in book three
*I have to like the sound of it
*It must have both "the" & "savage" as part of it.

Here are a few suggests that have already been sent:
Fear the Savage
The Savage Fear
The Savage Justice
 Justice of the Savage

The winner will receive a signed copy of Book Three after its release this spring.

Please post a comment with your title choice and email.


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To Shana at Sizzling Reads for winning an eCopy of Death Speaks from the Spook-A-Delic giveaway.